Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current Price of heating oil ?
Why does the price of oil fluctuate so often?
How can provide consistently lower prices for home heating oil?
How long will delivery take?
Where does deliver?
What does Standard Delivery mean?
What faster delivery options are available?
My oil tank is quite far from the road - how long is the delivery hose?
Can you fill up / top up my heating oil tank?
Do I need to be at home to accept delivery?
How do I know I received the correct amount of oil?
Does offer Credit Terms ?
How do I know how much heating oil I should order?
What size is the delivery tanker?
What is a Card Pre-Authorisation?
What if I don't need as many litres as I have ordered?
Are there other Terms and Conditions of sale?
What if I don't know my post code?
What size is my oil tank?
Can you bleed my boiler?
Do Offer a Direct Debit / Monthly Payment Scheme for heating oil?
I have an Aga - which oil should I order?
Can I pay the driver with cash?
Do you charge for credit cards?
How can I contact
Apart from heating oil what other services do Value Oils offer?
Are my details safe?
Is a Secure Website?
How do I register an account with ValueOils?
What do customers say about ValueOils?
Can I register an account without an email address?
I have forgotten my password - can you help?
How do I change my password?
I have moved house - how do I add my new address for delivery?
I want to recommend my friends to ValueOils and receive £5 off my next order - what should I do?
Do have a mobile website?
I currently pay £X per month on the Pre-Payment scheme, can I change this to £Y?
Can I change the date which my monthly payment is taken?
I received an email which said that my monthly pre-payment has been declined - what has happened?
How can I check how much heating oil is in my tank?
How can I save money on my heating oil bills?
How do I order oil and pay for oil to be delivered to another address rather than my own home (eg:relative/friend of holiday cottage)?
How do I know what type of card I have?
What if I don't want to pay the charge for using my credit card?
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