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Who is

We are an independently owned company that supply cheap home heating oil (kerosene) and Red Diesel (Gas Oil) to customers across the UK via our network of suppliers. We also provide an emergency delivery service. So if it is home heating oil or red diesel that you need, anywhere in the UK, you are already on the right website.

What do we do?

We utilise our extensive network of suppliers to offer great delivery options on home heating oil across the UK at very competitive prices. Whether you are a new customer or a regular buyer of heating oil, is the right choice to make.

When did we start up?

We have been operating successfully since October 2006 across the UK. In 2016, we expanded into the Republic of Ireland.

Where are we?

We operate with suppliers from over 100 locations across the UK in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Our head office is located at 18 McKinney Road, Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

How are we achieving our key aim?

We have agreements in place with a significant number of leading independent quality heating oil suppliers throughout the UK. These suppliers operate on-line using the brand and they want your heating oil order again and again. This ensures that they are always competitively priced and they will honour delivery commitments even during extremely busy periods. All suppliers in the network have excellent reputations and they understand the importance of meeting your expectations for home heating oil.

Our network of suppliers schedule deliveries a number of days in advance, which helps to optimise the logistical efficiency of their operations, minimises environmental impact and also ensures lower prices for the customer. This is why orders placed selecting the "Standard Delivery" window option, attract our lowest prices. In most areas we offer various express delivery options at an additional charge. The key to getting the cheapest oil price possible is to plan ahead for your heating oil (Kerosene) or Red Diesel (Gas Oil) supplies. The website is easy to use as customers can generate an instant live quote and order online 24/7. We do appreciate any feedback on how we can do things better, Click here to contact us