Boiler Servicing, Boiler Servicing Costs in UK

A serviced boiler will reduce your fuel costs!

Did you know: many boilers run at less than 55% efficiency –  you may literally be burning money!

Boiler Servicing

Having your boiler serviced regularly will keep it operating at its most efficient level.  This reduces your annual fuel bills and will also help you save money on call out fees for unexpected breakdowns. We recommend annual boiler servicing for optimum boiler efficiency and safety.

As with any fossil fuel burning appliance, poor or inadequate servicing can cause the generation of carbon monoxide. It is therefore highly recommended that your boiler is at least serviced annually. Having your boiler checked regularly by a technician will ensure faults will be highlighted and the chances of a boiler breakdown will be reduced - saving you the cost of replacing it.

Oil Boiler Servicing Cost

Depending upon your location in the UK and the type of boiler you have, a full boiler service normally costs around £100 (with regional price variations which can depend upon a number of factors).  Included in our price for an oil boiler service is a new nozzle, flexi hose, flue analysis, labour and travel and VAT, as well as many other parts. For an oil boiler servicing quote or to order a boiler service now, click here

Boiler Servicing

To order a boiler service now, click here

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