Red Diesel Prices | Gas Oil Prices supplies red diesel also known as gas oil across most regions of the UK. We offer low prices for red diesel in England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland

Red diesel is also known as 35 second gas oil and the correct name for the standard red diesel supplied across the UK is Sulphur Free Gas Oil.

It is also commonly referred to as agricultural diesel or tractor diesel and has a distinct red colouring marker by which it can be easily identified. This marker dye can also be used to deter and detect fraudulent use of the product

Red Diesel is used in the industrial, commercial, agricultural and construction sectors and can be legally used as fuel for off-road use. for example in diggers, cranes, cherry pickers and generators.

Many larger commercial boilers are also set up to burn red diesel for space heating purposes. Some domestic boilers of the "pressure jet" variety, are also set to burn red diesel instead of kerosene which is the main fuel type use for home heating oil in the UK and Northern Ireland.

However, the use of red diesel in cars or other on-road vehicles is totally illegal as it is not taxed by HMRC at the higher duty level that legal road diesel attracts .

Whatever name you use, can supply low priced red diesel when and where you need it across the UK.

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