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Heating Oil in Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire stretches from the industrial Clyde Valley to the Lowther hills. Lanark was famous for being where William Wallace first developed his army of resistance. As it is mainly a residential and industrial area the key towns of Lanarkshire are dependent upon kerosene as a form of home heating fuel. Delivery service options depend upon logistical factors, particularly the time of year. ValueOils.com delivers to all parts of Lanarkshire.-we have everything you need to know about supply, delivery options and price of heating oil in your area.

Cheap Heating Oil in Abington, Airdie, Biggar, Bellshill, Bothwell and more!

To retrieve an instant and competitive quote for your home heating oil or gas oil, regardless of your location in Lanarkshire - please use the Quick Quote box on the right hand side of the screen. Alternaitvely, if you'd prefer to get in touch with a member of our team, call us on 03300 570 857.

Heating Oil Suppliers in Lanarkshire

ValueOils use multiple depots that deliver fuel throughout the county.  The locations of a sample depot are detailed below:

Depot Name  Postcode  Key Delivery Towns Fuels Supplied
Douglas ML11  Abington, Airdie, Biggar, Bellshill, Bothwell, Glasgow, Motherwell, Uddingston Heating Oil (Kerosene), Premium Kerosene, Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

ValueOils provide heating oil to a large customer base in Lanarkshire including domestic, commercial and agricultural customers. We deliver heating and gas oil in all key areas of Lanarkshire including Blantyre, Biggar, Bothwell, Hamilton, Glasgow, Lanark, Motherwell, New Lanark, Rutherglen and Uddingston.  A range of additional delivery services are also available in the majority of the county. If you have any queries about the availability of oil in your area please contact us.

What are customers in Lanakshire are saying about us:

"Fantastic discovery. I saved £55.00 on 1000 litres on Brogans price. It was delivered within 3 days"
Malcolm Jamieson, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Emergency Heating Oil and Gas Oil in Lanarkshire

In the instance that you run out of heating oil or if you are running low, our suppliers offer a range of quick delivery options to resolve this in order to get your fuel delivered to you ASAP. Emergency delivery options are available throughout Lanarkshire - depending on your exact location these options can include Next Working Day or 2 Working Day delivery. You can check our delivery availability in your area by using our Quick Quote section on the right hand side of the screen. If you do not see a suitable delivery option, please give our team a call on 03300 570 857 - we would be happy to help!

Heating Oil & Gas Oil Prices in Lanarkshire

The below table provides an estimate of heating oil prices in Lanarkshire. There are numerous factors that can impact on the price of heating oil depending upon your exact location in Lanarkshire. Please see our heating oil price page for further details on the factors that affect the price of oil. Additionally, prices will fluctuate throughout the year - sometimes even on a daily basis! Keeping an eye on heating oil prices will help to ensure you get a great deal on your heating oil.

The prices below have been provided for ease of comparison with other alternatives on the market but should not be taken as final.  Please be sure to obtain an accurate quote using the Quick Quote box on the right-hand side of this page or give us a call!

Live Heating Oil Prices in Lanarkshire

 500 Litres900 Litres
Price Per Litre Ex VAT62.50p62.50p
Total You Pay£339.13£601.63

Live Gas Oil Prices in Lanarkshire

 500 Litres900 Litres
Price Per Litre Ex VAT88.60p88.60p
Total You Pay£477.15£849.27

Please note that the above estimated prices can vary throughout the Lanarkshire region and are subject to change. For an exact quote for your location, please use our quick quote form on the day you plan to order.

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