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VAT Rates For Heating Oil and Red Diesel

All deliveries of Heating Oil both Kerosene (ULSK) and Red Diesel (ULSG) for quantities of 2,300 Litres or less are subject to the reduced 5% VAT rate. Supplies of Heating Oil both Kerosene (ULSK) and Red Diesel (ULSG) for genuine domestic use are eligible for the reduced VAT rate of 5% irrespective of the Quantity. Commercial deliveries of Kerosene (ULSK) and Red Diesel (ULSG) 2,301 Litres or mor… Read more

Domestic Heating Oil Tank Gauges

Oil tank gauges are commonly used to keep track of and measure the volume of oil that is stored within your oil tank. They are indicators that show how much oil has been added to your tank and how much more is needed. Some of the more modern oil tank gauges even tell you when a refill is required. There are several commonly used domestic oil tank gauges. Some of the most popular one’s are listed… Read more

Heating oil tanks: main types, shapes, dimensions & capacities

The average tank capacity for domestic heating oil typically ranges from 1100 litres to 1400 litres. However, larger domestic tanks can range from 2300-2500 litres. Most tanks should have a sticker or stamp indicating the tanks capacity. Nowadays, around 90% of households have plastic oil tanks installed. Many of the more recent tanks are now “bunded” (double skinned). There are several tank s… Read more

19th December 2022 Update – Government Support for Homes Using Heating Oil Rises to £200.

Please see the latest update (19th December 2022) in relation to Government support for homes using heating oil “Support with winter energy bills is on the way for millions more households across the United Kingdom, as the government today (19th December 2022) confirms details of a single £600 payment to help households in Northern Ireland with their heating and electricity bills, as well a… Read more

Government Support for Homes Using Heating Oil Rises to £200. November 2022 Autumn Statement

In the Government’s Autumn Statement, the chancellor announced that “The government will double to £200 the level of support for households that use alternative fuels, such as heating oil, liquified petroleum gas, coal or biomass, to heat their homes.” “This support will be delivered as soon as possible this winter. The government will provide this payment to all Northern … Read more

Easy, Low-Cost Simple Tips for Saving Heating Oil and Improving Energy Efficiency

With heating bills at record highs, many householders are worried about the impact of the high cost of heating their homes and are searching for ways to reduce energy bills, as well as tips on how to save on heating oil costs and energy in the current climate. Here are some of our easy and low cost tips at for saving heating oil and improving your energy efficiency: 1) Turn off all r… Read more

Why Are Heating Oil Prices So High?

Why are heating oil prices so high? If you are a heating oil user in the UK, you’ll likely know that heating oil prices reached record levels in early 2022 and continue to remain high as we enter August. Oil prices have fluctuated massively over the past couple of years form record lows in 2020 to record highs in 2022. Read on to discover what has been driving these fluctuations and the current … Read more

What Size Of Heating Oil Tanker Can Deliver To Your Property

If you are a new oil user, or have moved to a new property and are unsure which size of oil tanker can deliver to your property the chart below should provide some guidance in terms of size and any weight restrictions there may be in your area. Selecting the correct tanker size when ordering can ensure your delivery is made in a timely fashion and there are no failed delivery’s attempted by … Read more

Emergency Oil Deliveries and Information

If you are new to heating oil or a veteran oil user, running out of oil is unfortunately an easy thing to do. You may find you have been using more oil than usual if you have been working from home, there has been a cold snap with the weather or maybe you simply forgot to check your oil levels. Read on for further information on what you should do if you have ran out of oil and some tips […… Read more

VAT Rate On Domestic and Commercial Heating Oil

The VAT which you pay on heating oil is controlled by HMRC. Oil suppliers and brokers are required to be a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils (RDCO). Registered Dealers in Controlled Oils (RDCO) The RDCO use a fit and proper test which ensures that companies which sell fuel are fit and proper to deal in controlled oils and will do so in a way that helps HMRC protect the tax system. This means th… Read more