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Here’s How To Save Money On Your Home Heating Oil

When it comes to home heating oil everyone likes to save a bit of money. There are few better feelings than making a decent saving. We decided to put together a list of tips to save money this Winter. Insulation – Making sure you have adequate insulation in your home and/or improving the insulation can save you up 40% on your energy bill and will mean you won’t have to spend your money on … Read more

Need a Lower Price on Your Boiler Juice?

Boiler juice

Looking for a low price on your boiler juice? At Value Oils we are constantly comparing boiler juice prices with our suppliers in order to get you the best quote on your heating oil. In order to keep our prices as keen as possible we only offer live pricing on our boiler juice meaning it could change at any time. But once you place the order that price for your boiler juice is locked in. We group … Read more

Home Heating Oil Prices – Cheapest in the UK!

Home Heating Oil Prices

Heating oil prices remain the cheapest compared to all other sources of UK domestic heating. The Sutherland Tables provide comparative costs for space heating and hot water for the most common fuels across a range of standard house types throughout the UK and Ireland. The Tables also provide figures for heating an individual room using a variety of appliances including open and closed solid fuel a… Read more

How to Foil the Heating Oil Thieves

Heating Oil

Each year, the insurers NFU Mutual produce a rural crime report which analyses the trends in thefts and other crimes in country areas. The 2016 report was published a few months ago and contains some sobering news for homeowners and business people. Heating oil, along with diesel, was previously the third most frequently stolen item in countryside thefts, but it didn’t feature in the top fiv… Read more

Stable Home Heating Oil Prices Over Easter

With Easter just around the corner many of us are planning on getting the last batch of kerosene in before the break. For some of us it’s the fill that will do us until September. The home heating oil price for 500L dipped recently to an NI average of £198 down from £206 which is a difference of 1.5ppl. The price seems to have stabilised recently with no big rises or drops in store, seemin… Read more

All You Need to Know About Your Heating Oil Delivery


Heating Oil Delivery FAQs We get a ton of queries every day about heating oil deliveries so we figured it’s best to do a blog on the most commonly asked questions! Is the price of oil going to go up or down? Truthfully, we don’t know. No one does! It’s a common misconception that the price of oil is cheaper in the Summer than it is in the Winter, but this doesn’t happen all… Read more

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    • Doreen Since our neighbours have had their boiler moved to a room next to our wall, we are getting fumes in different parts of our house, any thoughts on this please
    • Doreen Our neighbours have just moved their oil central heating boiler next to our wall, we are now getting fumes In different parts of our house, any thoughts as to the cause of this
    • Laura Rennie Hi we have always had oil heating but never had a thermostat to work off in previous houses so always had to switch heating and water on and off on the main boiler, anyway we have moved into a new home and this huse has a thermostat on the wall but i am a bit confused on how to use it properly. We have it set on a timer in the morning for the kids getting up for school and then i just turn it up and down myself throughout the day to suit me but i usually have it at 25 as thats when the red light comes on and you can hear it click and the boiler fire up but it gets too warm, if i turn it down to 20 then the red light goes out and the heating goes off completely, what am i doing wrong? As i feel i am wasting oil having it at 25 all the time.
    • sandra bayne Should you turn radiators down in rooms not being used does it make much difference on bills
    • Lynsey Hello, i have just moved into a property with oil, i am new to this and wondered how much oil is in the tank. I have a 1300 tank and its measuring 11.5" high on a stick. Any help greatly appreciated
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