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A New User’s Guide to Heating Oil

16th November 2015 by Andrew | write a comment

When considering methods of heating homes, there is perhaps the temptation to think only in terms of electricity and gas, especially outside of more remote rural areas. There are, however, many clear advantages to be gained from using heating oil, which can be a cost-effective and highly efficient way of heating your home. What Is Heating Oil? It is a product obtained from crude oil by a technical… Read more

Domestic Heating Oil Price Patterns in the Coming Months

9th November 2015 by Andrew | write a comment

Predicting upcoming patterns in domestic heating oil prices is a notoriously challenging task. This difficulty is currently being compounded by various global geopolitical factors and a general oil market which is, to say the least, unstable. There is currently little consensus among market analysts, who point out that recent increases in oil prices have tended to be temporary. Some commentators r… Read more