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Fuel Tank Art #4: Fruit and Vegetable Tanks

15th October 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

Having recently taken a look at some cleverly designed oil tanks that look suspiciously like drinks cans, we shouldn’t forget that we can get hungry as well as thirsty. Many tank owners have chosen to brighten up our landscapes by decorating these seemingly plain amenities with a little paint and a lot of imagination. Here are some of the best food-related examples. Just to the south of Bridgepo… Read more

Fuel Tank Art #3: Drink Tanks

8th October 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

In this series, we have seen some of the finest examples of porcine tank art, but here we switch to something that’s perhaps a little more refreshing. This collection, which can only be described as lip-smacking, features a range of external oil tanks that, at first glance, appear to contain items that would look more at home in the supermarket cooler. Located at the Coca-Cola plant in South Ben… Read more

Ways to Disguise Your Oil Tank with… a Shed

1st October 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

While all owners of external oil tanks will be all too aware of the benefits of being able to buy oil in bulk, most of them will freely admit that the tanks themselves may not be as attractive as they would like. The problem is they need to be capable of holding significant quantities of liquid and they have to be accessible at all times, but if they’re unsightly the property owner will be remin… Read more