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All You Need to Know About Your Heating Oil Delivery


Heating Oil Delivery FAQs We get a ton of queries every day about heating oil deliveries so we figured it’s best to do a blog on the most commonly asked questions! Is the price of oil going to go up or down? Truthfully, we don’t know. No one does! It’s a common misconception that the price of oil is cheaper in the Summer than it is in the Winter, but this doesn’t happen all… Read more

Home Heating Oil Prices Should Make Us Check Our Tanks

Home Heating Oil Prices

Home heating oil prices are rising, so the last thing you want is a leaking tank that is losing precious oil and causing contamination problems. Read on for vital information about problems caused by sludge and water, and how to fix them.   Water Build-up in the Tank Water can enter your tank in a number of different ways. Condensation can settle as a layer of water at the bottom of the tank…. Read more

Good Weather, Lower Heating Oil Prices, Cracking Vouchers


They say good things come in 3’s don’t they? We’re quite fond of mild weather in the ValueOils office. Why? Well, it’s commonly accepted that warm weather = a lower heating oil price = more savings for you & me. And well that’s great and all but apparently we’re only going to get it over the next 3 days with the temperature reaching a tropical 16 degrees! Annnnnd then going back do… Read more

Oil Prices in NI

Northern Ireland is very different from other parts of the United Kingdom in that about 68% of NI households heat their homes using heating oil. Because of this, oil prices in NI are a key component of household budgets, and it’s essential that consumers are able to access the best deals.   So what might affect oil prices in NI in 2017, and what can you do to ensure you get the best ava… Read more

Fuel Poverty In The UK

  Snow. Ice. Wind. Winter. 4 words that can cause some of us great joy; immediate thoughts of cosying up by the fire, watching TV with some food and maybe a cup of tea. There’s nothing better, bliss. This isn’t the thought we all have unfortunately, in fact, roughly 42% of those in Northern Ireland have a completely different thought this Winter. And that thought revolves around one thing… Read more

Heating Oil – The Best Choice for Consumers

Heating oil has been the cheapest way to heat your home since January 2015. So consumers who have condensing boilers have made an excellent choice, and many are now able to heat a three-bedroom house for £750 a year – very difficult to achieve with a gas boiler. An oil condensing boiler is much cheaper than any of the renewable energy options. The average annual bill for customers using oil… Read more