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Northern Ireland in Line for Rises in Heating Oil Prices

20th December 2016 by Anthony | write a comment

Consumers in Northern Ireland who use oil for heating have been warned to get ready for heating oil prices to rise this autumn and winter. Home heating oil prices have been reaching all-year highs recently, and this follows a 40% rise in prices in just the last six months. This means that the average yearly bill for a three-bedroomed home is likely to rise by £175. The boss of a price-comparison … Read more

Oil Prices NI and New Boilers

15th December 2016 by Anthony | write a comment

The oil heating industry has been working hard to reduce its emissions and produce new boilers that are super-efficient. The EU has been bringing in standards to reduce emissions from all oil heating appliances. The UK industry originally challenged the timetable for this but has actually made great strides in producing new products that produce far lower emission levels. As a result of these effo… Read more

Effectiveness of Heating Oil Price Comparison

2nd December 2016 by Anthony | write a comment

Price Comparison sites are becoming the norm, and even price comparison sites for home heating oil are beginning to become more popular. Nobody wants to be paying more than they should. That’s the bottom line. And at the same time nobody wants to go to the hassle of phoning up countless heating oil companies comparing prices to make sure they are not paying more than they should. That’s where … Read more