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Planning Heating Oil Requirements for the Winter

9th December 2015 by Andrew | write a comment

Mark Twain famously said that “climate is what we expect, weather is what we get”. To no country on earth could this apply more accurately than the United Kingdom, where we experience wildly variable weather conditions but where, paradoxically, we have a touching faith in the powers of forecasters when they tell us what to expect. Given how useful being armed with intelligence about th… Read more

Keep Warm and Well Despite Fluctuating Domestic Oil Prices

2nd December 2015 by Andrew | write a comment

The international oil markets remain volatile, and analysts predict that the uncertainty will persist for many months to come. The underlying reasons for the market fluctuations have been examined at length by the media and business commentators, and the central issue remains weak demand coupled with over-production in many oil-exporting countries. The volatility naturally affects large corporatio… Read more