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Fuel Tank Art #2: Animal Tanks

24th August 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

Last time we looked at oil tank designs featuring pigs: largely due to their shape and the rural areas they’re often situated in, it seems that they make a pretty popular decorative choice. However, as this post will show, plenty of other animals have appeared on fuel tanks across the pond. For example:   This tank, found in Johnson County, Arkanas, is a rather striking one. One side featur… Read more

Ways to Disguise Your Oil Tank with… Plants

17th August 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

Last time, we looked at the ways in which you could disguise your oil tank using landscaping. As we discussed previously, camouflaging your tank has multiple benefits, primarily preventing theft (out of sight really is out of mind) and making owning one more aesthetically pleasing. In this month’s instalment, we’re going to be looking at plants, in particular how a bit of garden grooming can h… Read more