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Red Diesel

Stable Home Heating Oil Prices Over Easter

5th April 2017 by Anthony | write a comment

With Easter just around the corner many of us are planning on getting the last batch of kerosene in before the break. For some of us it’s the fill that will do us until September. The home heating oil price for 500L dipped recently to an NI average of £198 down from £206 which is a difference of 1.5ppl. The price seems to have stabilised recently with no big rises or drops in store, seemin… Read more

Red Diesel – Your Questions Answered

12th January 2017 by Anthony | write a comment

Red diesel is nothing more or less than ordinary diesel fuel of the kind that you might put into a car, van or minibus at your local service station. Where it differs from that fuel, however, is that it is taxed at a lower rate for certain allowed industrial uses. So why the name? Because the taxman (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, or HMRC) likes to know who is using it and whether they are l… Read more

Red Diesel Price Cuts: How to Save Money On Fuel

25th October 2016 by Anthony | write a comment

Red diesel may be banned for use in regular vehicles on the road, but for many people who work in the farming or construction industries, red diesel is a vital component of doing their job. If the current red diesel price is something which will affect you in one way or another, it’s always good to know how you can get the best deals on the red diesel that you need in order to run your vehicles … Read more

Do Red Diesel Users Benefit from Low Global Oil Prices?

9th August 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

Alongside Brexit, another topic that has perpetually been making headlines for months, if not years, is the return of low oil prices after over a decade of historically unprecedented highs. The price of oil per barrel as measured by the Brent crude standard reached a high of over $120 in early 2012, and remained around a steady $110 per barrel until the middle of 2014, when the price swiftly dropp… Read more

European Commission Takes UK to Court over Marine Red Diesel

7th July 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

When thinking about the legal use of red diesel, or gasoil, as it’s also known, what comes to mind? Agricultural vehicles are probably the first category that occurs to most people, but a lesser-known instance is in private pleasure boats and yachts, provided that duty is paid on 60 per cent of the fuel purchased. In many EU states, marine use of gasoil is banned, and since 2014 the topic ha… Read more

The Main Uses of Red Diesel

30th June 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

Sometimes, there is some confusion about red diesel fuel and regular automotive white diesel fuel. In terms of chemical make-up, there is no difference at all apart from the fact that red dye has been added in order to determine which diesel is being used. When purchasing, red diesel is also a lot cheaper than normal diesel and is intended to be used in vehicles in the agricultural and constructio… Read more