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Storing Red Diesel: Everything You Need to Know

10th May 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

Are you storing your red diesel stock correctly? The regulations for storing red diesel can vary depending on the area in which your storage facility is based, how old the facility is, and the purpose for which you are using the fuel. However, incorrect fuel storage can have terrible environmental implications, meaning that even the most careful of red diesel users can get a little worried when it… Read more

Red Diesel: Who Can Use It?

5th May 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

When Can I Use Red Diesel? The rules on red diesel largely depend on your automobile and the purpose for which you are using it. The rules on red diesel apply to the following vehicles: • Tractors and light farming vehicles • Mowers • Road structure vehicles • Construction vehicles e.g. diggers and tippers • Moveable bulldozers and cranes • Gritters and vehicles used for clearing… Read more

The Benefits of Heating Your Home with Oil

4th May 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

Looking over a house that you’re planning to buy and finding an oil-based central heating system can be quite daunting, especially if you’re new to the idea. That’s why we’re here to put your mind at rest with this list of just a few advantages of using heating oil over gas for heating your home. Efficiency You will be glad to know that using an oil-based system to heat your home is highly… Read more