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Heating Oil Buying Groups – Investigates

29th November 2013 by Daniel | write a comment

Heating Oil Groups are made up of people who want to buy oil in a thrifty fashion. People can come together and order oil in bulk amounts for several homes. Generally speaking, the more oil you order, the lower the price per litre will be. There are other benefits, though there are also some common problems, which you should be aware of. Listed below is the key information regarding Oil Buying Gro… Read more

Advice: Heating Oil Security

15th November 2013 by Daniel | write a comment

Heating oil theft is a persistent problem. During winter, when fuel tanks generally have more oil stored, incidents of oil theft rise. The number of reported oil thefts will rise and fall according to seasonal changes. However it is important to make sure your heating oil is secure all year round. In this blog I will advise on how to prevent the theft of heating oil and help to make you aware of t… Read more