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5 Tips to save on heating oil this winter

29th September 2011 by Drew | write a comment

Winter is fast approaching and many home heating oil users will need to be prepared for the cold months ahead. Given the current economic situation, many homeowners and tenants are fearful of how they are going to afford the increased cost of heating their homes. In an effort to aid heating oil users we have put together a few tips on how to save a few extra £££’s on your heating oil bills in… Read more

Is Winter coming early this year?

27th September 2011 by Stephen | write a comment

Do you remember the absolutely freezing cold spell of last December and January – one of the coldest periods we had for many years? How hard it was to jump out of a warm bed in the morning, the frozen and burst pipes and, worst of all, running out of heating oil at the worst time and having to wait in the frozen house for a few days before a new delivery could be made. The suggestion is that win… Read more