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Fuel poverty – What can be done?

14th February 2014 by Andrew | write a comment

Fuel poverty has long been recognised as a problem in society.  It is generally assumed that a home spending more than 10% of its income on heating is in fuel poverty, though the actual definitions have recently changed slightly.  You can read more about official government fuel poverty statistics by clicking here. Causes of Fuel Poverty Fuel poverty has unfortunately become an increasingly comm… Read more

Fracking – investigates

23rd August 2013 by Andrew | write a comment

The term ‘Fracking’ has recently been seen in UK headlines and reported in the news after protests took place in the village of Balcombe in West Sussex.  Until recently, fracking was a term that not many people were familiar with – and there are different theories on the pro’s and con’s of fracking.  Here we investigate the 5 W’s of fracking. Who is fracking? Almost half of the world… Read more