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Will Scottish Independence affect UK heating oil prices?

19th March 2014 by Andrew | write a comment

In March 2013, the Scottish Government announced that they would be holding a referendum to decide if Scotland should become an independent nation. The referendum is due to be held on 18th September 2014 and could have implications for the exchange rate, North Sea Oil and Gas reserves and the economy.  As well as this, Scottish voters must also consider changes in taxes, pensions and savings. Sco… Read more

Heating oil beginners: how to place an order

19th July 2013 by Andrew | write a comment has been specialising in processing online heating oil orders since 2006 and a lot has changed since then.  We have tried to make our website as user-friendly as possible, but if it’s your first time visiting or you aren’t exactly sure how to go about placing an order, please keep reading for all you need to know. How to get a price This is a key consideration for heating oil us… Read more

Fuel Tank Art #4: Fruit and Vegetable Tanks

15th October 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

Having recently taken a look at some cleverly designed oil tanks that look suspiciously like drinks cans, we shouldn’t forget that we can get hungry as well as thirsty. Many tank owners have chosen to brighten up our landscapes by decorating these seemingly plain amenities with a little paint and a lot of imagination. Here are some of the best food-related examples. Just to the south of Bridgepo… Read more

Fuel Tank Art #3: Drink Tanks

8th October 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

In this series, we have seen some of the finest examples of porcine tank art, but here we switch to something that’s perhaps a little more refreshing. This collection, which can only be described as lip-smacking, features a range of external oil tanks that, at first glance, appear to contain items that would look more at home in the supermarket cooler. Located at the Coca-Cola plant in South Ben… Read more

Fuel Tank Art #2: Animal Tanks

24th August 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

Last time we looked at oil tank designs featuring pigs: largely due to their shape and the rural areas they’re often situated in, it seems that they make a pretty popular decorative choice. However, as this post will show, plenty of other animals have appeared on fuel tanks across the pond. For example:   This tank, found in Johnson County, Arkanas, is a rather striking one. One side featur… Read more

Fuel Tank Art #1: Pigs on Parade

18th July 2012 by Andrew | write a comment

While most people prefer to disguise their oil tanks in a discreet manner, there are some who decide to display the place where they store their fuel with pride. This series is devoted to the latter category of people and their oil tank art work, some of which is really quite impressive. You’ll be tickled as pink as these oil tanks when you see this selection (even if they are turning something … Read more

General advice for those who travel or have a second home

29th February 2012 by Stephen | write a comment

For those people with holiday homes, a second house, family home or other property which may be unoccupied for significant parts of the winter there are important steps to protect them from the worst ravages of the weather. Many Insurance companies now insist on steps such as these, if they are aware that the house will be unoccupied for any length of time. 1.    Make sure that your tenant or p… Read more