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Heating Oil Prices Fall to Eight-Year Low in Ulster

29th January 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

It was widely reported in the press before Christmas that heating oil prices had fallen to an eight-year low in Ulster, despite an upsurge in demand following the recent cold spell, which saw snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures throughout the province and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. The Belfast Telegraph reports that the average price of 900 litres of the fuel has been halved to roughly £250… Read more

Fall in Domestic Oil Prices Is Good News for Householders

14th January 2016 by Andrew | write a comment

The fluctuations of the international oil market are never far from the news, and their contribution to low domestic oil prices is well understood. In recent months, however, they have been affected by low demand for heating fuel, as much of the northern hemisphere has experienced unusually mild weather. The Weather and Heating Oil The unpredictability of the weather in the United Kingdom is, of c… Read more