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What affects heating oil prices?

29th January 2013 by Andrew | write a comment

This week we will try and answer another frequently asked question by many of our customers: What affects the price of heating oil? There are a number of factors on a global scale which have an impact on the price that you will pay to heat your home. Oil is traded on the world market and below are just some of the reasons why the price of heating oil fluctuates greatly throughout the year. •  … Read more

How long will my heating oil last in 2013?

8th January 2013 by Andrew | 1 comment

How long will my heating oil last in 2013? This is a question we are regularly asked by consumers and one which there is no straightforward answer to. There are a huge number of variables that will affect how long your heating oil order will last. Some of the main ones are listed below: •    Size of house – large detached houses will normally use much more oil than a mid terraced house. •… Read more