Having recently taken a look at some cleverly designed oil tanks that look suspiciously like drinks cans, we shouldn’t forget that we can get hungry as well as thirsty. Many tank owners have chosen to brighten up our landscapes by decorating these seemingly plain amenities with a little paint and a lot of imagination. Here are some of the best food-related examples.

Just to the south of Bridgeport in Illinois you’ll find these delicious-looking watermelons that are seemingly just waiting to be sliced and eaten. They certainly make a wonderful change from the standard fuel tanks that are found in most other places.

This long cylindrical propane tank has been transformed beyond all recognition by a health-conscious owner. After all, what could be tastier and more wholesome than some delicious corn?

Passers-by and motorists in Gilmore City, Iowa will have noticed this tempting watermelon, freshly sliced and ready to be devoured. From a distance, it looks nothing like a fuel tank at all.

Returning to the trusty corn, a true staple of the American diet, this brilliantly designed tank is located close to I-65 road in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

While this wonderful tank scores ten out of ten for design, perhaps it should receive a lower mark for spelling. This maze/maize tank can be seen in West Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

While this tank hasn’t been transformed to look like a specific item of food, the paint job deserves some recognition. The incorporation of cherries onto a plain white background gives it a dramatic effect. It’s located in Traverse City, Michigan.

This half watermelon design gives this small tank a delightfully whimsical look, transforming an everyday item into what is truly a thing of beauty. It can be found in Pickway County, Ohio.

Watermelons represent something of a theme to tank owners who have an artistic side to their personalities, and this Richland County, Wisconsin offering is no exception.