How long will my heating oil last in 2013?

This is a question we are regularly asked by consumers and one which there is no straightforward answer to.

There are a huge number of variables that will affect how long your heating oil order will last. Some of the main ones are listed below:

•    Size of house – large detached houses will normally use much more oil than a mid terraced house.

•    Age and efficiency of boiler – it is worth while getting your boiler serviced once a year by an OFTEC registered engineer. This could help you save up to 30% on your heating oil bills.

•    Double glazing and insulation in the house – this can have a huge impact on how long the heating oil will last

•    How long the heating is on each day and at what setting.

•    How cold the weather is; we often find during the coldest winter months, customers will burn their oil much quicker than they normally would

Order size will also have a bearing on how long your order will last! Please see the chart below for an indication of the average order size in your area.

As there is no straightforward answer and every house is different, we suggest you check your order history – it’s all stored online on our website in the ‘My Account’ section when you are logged in.  This will provide you with an indication of your usual buying patterns throughout the year and you will be able to judge your yearly usage.

Please leave a comment on your house size, insulation levels and average heating oil usage each year as this will help others and those new to heating oil gauge how long their oil may last.

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