Do you remember the absolutely freezing cold spell of last December and January – one of the coldest periods we had for many years? How hard it was to jump out of a warm bed in the morning, the frozen and burst pipes and, worst of all, running out of heating oil at the worst time and having to wait in the frozen house for a few days before a new delivery could be made.

The suggestion is that winter will be coming early this year, particularly between mid-October and Halloween. According to, “Britain could find itself under a blanket of snow as early as next month as temperatures plummet far below average”.

With Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England likely to bear the brunt of the onslaught, it makes sense to order oil early to make sure you have it when it is most needed. It is also likely to be cheaper now as a freezing spell across Europe will increase demand and most likely push the price up.

With the likely price increase it is important to ensure you order as soon as possible to get a better deal!

It is also important to have a home energy check – visit the Energy Saving Trust website to find out who can perform the check in your area as it can save you up to £250 per year.

Also visit OFTEC to have your oil fired boiler serviced by a professional engineer or read our 5 tips on saving on heating oil this winter.