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3 posts written by Stephen Gleeson.

General advice for those who travel or have a second home

29th February 2012 by Stephen | write a comment

For those people with holiday homes, a second house, family home or other property which may be unoccupied for significant parts of the winter there are important steps to protect them from the worst ravages of the weather. Many Insurance companies now insist on steps such as these, if they are aware that the house will be unoccupied for any length of time. 1.    Make sure that your tenant or p… Read more

New ways to cut your heating oil bill

7th February 2012 by Stephen | write a comment

Given the relatively high price of home heating oil in the UK, most families are understandably very cautious about their oil usage. However, when the frost is on the ground, your home needs to be warm, especially if there are young children or elderly persons present. We all know that setting the timer is a sensible idea and only having the heating switched on for a few hours each day will reduce… Read more

Is Winter coming early this year?

27th September 2011 by Stephen | write a comment

Do you remember the absolutely freezing cold spell of last December and January – one of the coldest periods we had for many years? How hard it was to jump out of a warm bed in the morning, the frozen and burst pipes and, worst of all, running out of heating oil at the worst time and having to wait in the frozen house for a few days before a new delivery could be made. The suggestion is that win… Read more