While most people prefer to disguise their oil tanks in a discreet manner, there are some who decide to display the place where they store their fuel with pride. This series is devoted to the latter category of people and their oil tank art work, some of which is really quite impressive.

You’ll be tickled as pink as these oil tanks when you see this selection (even if they are turning something into a sow’s ear instead of vice versa):


This so-called ‘Propane Piglet’ was painted and decorated by Kim Boomershine in order to help her “keep [her] sense of humour about the whole propane business”. Featuring full, fluttering eyelashes and luxurious curly hair in addition to its more standard porcine trappings, this tank would give Miss Piggy a run for her money.


This family of pig oil tanks located on a farm in America certainly seem pleased to be there.


This blue-eyed little pig found outside someone’s house is rather cunningly painted, a snout seamlessly encompassing one of the more bulky parts of the tank.


This pig oil tank located in Denver is rather elaborately decorated indeed, featuring additional designs that border on the psychedelic. Flowers, vines, insects and even a flamingo finish off this undeniably unique piece of work.

This is probably the most impressive pig-themed oil tank. Found in Kokomo, Indiana, somebody has clearly gone to great pains in order to paint a realistic looking porker onto it.

The next part of our series looking at how to disguise oil tanks will demonstrate ways in which to use natural foliage to prevent your tank from standing out.