Last time we looked at oil tank designs featuring pigs: largely due to their shape and the rural areas they’re often situated in, it seems that they make a pretty popular decorative choice. However, as this post will show, plenty of other animals have appeared on fuel tanks across the pond. For example:


This tank, found in Johnson County, Arkanas, is a rather striking one. One side features a couple of colourful butterflies happily perched on some greenery while the back displays a huge caterpillar. This tank is almost as educational as it is decorative!


This turtle oil tank lives in Mississippi and is somewhere between cute and a little bit creepy. It’s certainly an impressive paint job, with somebody clearly having spent a great deal of time on it. Additionally, a smaller turtle has been added to the design by painting the extra bit that sticks out of the top of the tank, making it looks like a baby reptile hitching a ride.


This tank, located by the Cape Fear River near downtown Wilmington, is a veritable work of art. Clearly painted by an expert, it depicts a surprisingly regal-looking pelican, a sandy beach complete with breaking waves and blue – if a little cloudy – sky stretching out behind it.


This tank, found in Friendship, Wisconsin, is based on Disney’s iconic version of the Cheshire Cat (and it’s a pretty good likeness, too).


These tanks, spotted on a Watonga highway, don’t depict whole animal, per se, but their spotted paint jobs and four ‘legs’ do make them look a little like bovines from behind.