In this series, we have seen some of the finest examples of porcine tank art, but here we switch to something that’s perhaps a little more refreshing. This collection, which can only be described as lip-smacking, features a range of external oil tanks that, at first glance, appear to contain items that would look more at home in the supermarket cooler.

Located at the Coca-Cola plant in South Bend, Indiana, this wonderfully lifelike cup looks instantly drinkable at first glance.

It goes without saying that you can’t mention Coca-Cola without talking about Pepsi, so here’s another thirst-quenching oil tank to gaze upon. This one is to be found in Waite Park in Minnesota, and it has brought many a double take from passers-by.

Still on the Pepsi theme, this giant can is situated by the side of a road in South Dakota. The eye-catching paint job provides a perfect recreation of a familiar refrigerator staple, and will no doubt delight motorists as they speed past.

When you’re feeling particularly thirsty, a single can may not be enough to do the job. At such times, only a six-pack will do, so take a look at these incredible tanks. It comes as no surprise to discover these are located in a brewery – the City Brewery at La Crosse, Wisconsin, and that they are a particular favourite with the local beer lovers.

Like a fine wine, Diet Coke isn’t damaged if it’s left to stand on its side, and that’s just what’s happened here with this horizontal oil tank. This excellent ‘can’ is to be found in Richland County, Wisconsin, and the only things that are missing are the drops of condensation on the side.