Christmas is fast approaching and the last thing you want to do is pay more on heating oil than you have to.

If you run out of oil there are a number of additional costs which can soon add up including express delivery, having the boiler bled by a heating engineer on top of having no heating or hot water for a couple of days.

We recommend checking your oil levels once every couple of months and once you start to run low order before you run out – there are various gauges you can use to check your oil levels and you can purchase some here.

We have looked previously at ways in which you can save on your heating bills – here are some additional tips which you may not be aware of:

•    Buy some thermal curtains – these prevent heat loss by as much as 25% – giving you a huge saving on your heating bill and they are particularly useful in your living room and bed room.

•    Don’t place your sofa in front of the radiator – this will allow you to enjoy the full benefit of the radiator

•    Placing tin foil behind your radiator will reflect the heat back into the room instead of going straight into the wall.

•    Purchase a water-efficient shower head. These can use up to 50% less water, which will be a huge saving on your heating bill – especially if you have teenagers who enjoy half an hour in the shower!

•    If you don’t have an open fire a chimney balloon can be a useful purchase – it will stop the cold air outside from coming down your chimney, helping you stay warm inside.

•    Close doors to keep the heat in and buy some draft excluders to prevent cold air from coming into the room, or warm air leaving.

•    Turn the thermostat down while you’re at work and when you’re in bed – this can provide significant savings on your heating.

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