In this series we have aimed to provide you with some new and useful tips to help you make significant savings on your fuel bill.If you have any hints or tips for others which we have missed out, please leave them in the comments box below.

The final part of our tips and advice on reducing heating bills is the most expensive option to consider and focuses on replacing your old boiler with a new and efficient condensing boiler.  ValueOils Oftec engineer

OilSave advice states that “If your oil boiler is more than six years old, replacing it with a modern condensing model will significantly improve your energy efficiency”.

In a standard boiler, a higher percentage of energy is lost through the flue (chimney) as waste heat when compared to a condensing boiler, which is able to recover the waste heat and use it to more efficiently heat your home. As well as you saving money, condensing boilers are much better for the environment as they significantly reduce your homes carbon footprint.

Through our OFTEC registered engineer, we have found that many boilers in Northern Ireland run at 55% efficiency – this means a large proportion of your fuel bill is going straight up the chimney! However a new oil condensing boiler will have an efficiency of up to 97%!  By replacing your old, inefficient boiler with a condensing boiler, OFTEC has calculated that it could save you around 20% per year on your fuel bills*.

If you want to know how efficient (or inefficient!) your boiler is, you can book a boiler performance check up with our OFTEC engineer (available throughout the greater Belfast area) by clicking here. Recommendations will also be provided on ways that your boiler’s efficiency can be improved.

*Savings depend on size of house and efficiency of current boiler