has been specialising in processing online heating oil orders since 2006 and a lot has changed since then.  We have tried to make our website as user-friendly as possible, but if it’s your first time visiting or you aren’t exactly sure how to go about placing an order, please keep reading for all you need to know.

How to get a price

This is a key consideration for heating oil users, as prices can vary from distributor to distributor. To make things easy, we provide a quick quote on the homepage of our website. Our heating oil prices are transparent and we won’t offer a better deal to a new customer than an existing customer, or over the phone. To get a quote, simply fill in your postcode, quantity required and email address and we will provide you with a quote straight away.

What delivery option should you select?

Depending on where you are based in the UK we offer various delivery windows and options. We would always recommend that you order your heating oil well in advance of running out, especially if you are based in a remote location.  This allows us to schedule your delivery before you run out, using the standard delivery option. If you are running low we have various express options and these are listed when you get a quote along with the latest time that you can expect delivery. You then select your preferred delivery option on the 2nd step of the order process.

Instructions for the driver

Is your address difficult to find or not listed on a SatNav? Or maybe your tank is hidden behind some bushes. To help our drivers and make your experience as smooth as possible you can enter any additional information on the first step of the order process. On most occasions our drivers can deliver without you being present however, if you need to be there to open gates etc leave your number here and they can give you a call to let you know when they are on their way.

How can you pay / 3D Secure

To keep our overheads to a minimum we take payment by either debit or credit card – our website uses a Pre-Authorisation to secure payment on your card.  A Pre-authorisation is a temporary hold on funds from your bank account or credit card balance. At the time of placing your order, the “available balance” on your bank account will be reduced by the “pending transaction value”. Once delivery has been completed and delivery confirmed the funds will be taken permanently.

We also offer the chance to spread your bills by paying in advance using our pre-payment scheme this means you can save throughout the year and not have to pay the full amount in one go if you have built some savings up. Our website uses the latest 3D secure technology to ensure your card cannot be fraudulently used.

Of course, if you’d rather deal with a human being than placing your order online, all our contact details can be found here.