As a nation we waste around £11billion of energy every year, meaning for every £3 spent on heating your home £1 is wasted through poor energy efficiency! With winter on its way Value Oils want to help reduce your heating bills, thus saving you money.  Follow our top ten tips on how to not only reduce your heating oil bill but also save money on your electricity bills.

Boiler servicing: Many boilers in Northern Ireland operate at 55% efficiency- you could be literally burning your money, Value oils can offer boiler servicing. Watch your emails for special promotions on Value Oils for boiler servicing – they could save you £’s!

Shop around: Don’t go with the first price check on line, make a few phone calls this could save you as much as £20.   Also keeping an eye on oil prices throughout the year can help and ensuring you buy more when the price is low.  Click here to get an instant quote from vouchers: Watch out for our vouchers which can save you money on your heating oil throughout the year.  To ensure you receive these simply click here.

Turn down the temperature: According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning down your thermostat by one degree centigrade can save up to 10% on your heating bill. You’re unlikely to notice such a small change in temperature, but far more likely to notice the savings!

Insulate your home:You don’t need to double glaze your windows or spend hundreds of pounds having your cavity walls filled to make your house a warmer home – although it does help. Insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to make your home warmer.

Purchase a water efficient shower head:Changing your shower head to an energy efficient one that can save water and cut hot water bills.

Turn off radiators: Turning off radiators in rooms you don’t use. This starts saving heating oil instantly.

Get a free home energy check:Simply visit Energy Saving Trust( for your free energy check.

Use a chimney balloon:The chimney balloon is an energy saving device that is inserted inside your chimney during warm months when the chimney is not in use, or in chimneys that are no longer functional. It is reusable, meaning you can take it out each winter and replace it in order to stop drafts and energy loss year round.

Upgrade your order to eco heat: Helps maintain peak performance of heating system, Reduces fuel related service problems, Improves the systems efficiency.

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