When considering methods of heating homes, there is perhaps the temptation to think only in terms of electricity and gas, especially outside of more remote rural areas. There are, however, many clear advantages to be gained from using heating oil, which can be a cost-effective and highly efficient way of heating your home.

What Is Heating Oil?

It is a product obtained from crude oil by a technical procedure known as fractional distillation. Put simply, this involves heating and separating oils at different temperatures to produce a variety of by-products, including the oil used to heat homes.

Oil is stored in a tank which is connected to a boiler. The oil is pumped through a pipeline into the boiler, where it combusts and, in turn, heats a separate water supply. Through connected pipes and radiators, this water efficiently and inexpensively heats your property.

It differs from gas and electricity in that it is not supplied via a dedicated network directly to your home. When you need to buy some, you would contact a reputable supplier, such as Value Oils, who will dispatch your order by road.

What Are the Advantages of Heating Oil?

One of the key benefits is that its price varies during the course of the year. For example, during the warmer summer months when there is less demand, prices tend to fall. Customers can capitalise on this by purchasing reserves of oil to be used in the more expensive winter months. Clearly, this can translate into significant cost savings as well as allowing realistic long-term household budget planning. Homeowners can also ensure that they equipped with adequate supplies to keep their home and family warm during unexpected inclement weather.

As well as seasonal factors, the price is sensitive to international oil market fluctuations, meaning that the well-informed consumer can take advantage of periods where prices are depressed – as they were, for example, over parts of the last year.

Heating oil suppliers will be delighted to explain this heating system in more depth and will help you decide whether this is the most appropriate solution for you and your family. On an ongoing basis, they are also the repositories of helpful hints for safety, maintenance, budgeting and planning. Learn more about choosing and using heating oils from Value Oils – one of the UK’s foremost suppliers.