Heat your home with oil without paying any more than you need to. Follow the top tips listed below to get the most from your oil heater and save money without going cold.

Comparison Shop

Heating oil prices NI and UK change all the time, so just because your provider was the cheapest available when you signed up doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be in the same situation a few months or a year down the line. You can compare oil prices by looking up different heating oil companies on directory sites and searching for better deals to go for. Most heating oil providers will also be happy to price match, so if you do find a cheaper deal for your oil it could be worth letting your current provider know to see if they can meet it instead.

Fill Up Off-Season

The price of heating oil tends to rise when it is in higher demand. If you leave your tank almost empty during the warmer months and then stock up when it starts to become colder outside, chances are you’ll be paying top prices for your oil as everybody else will be doing the same thing. To save money, take advantage of the cheaper prices when demand is low, such as during the summer when most people aren’t thinking about the need to heat their homes at all.

Ask for Discounts

It’s a good idea to check in with your heating oil provider from time to time in order to discover whether or not they have any special deals, promotions or discounts that they can offer you. Call customer services and ask them to let you know about any available discounts – you may well find one which you’re eligible for and aren’t currently getting. Many companies offer special discounts on bulk orders for large tanks and fills, as well as concessionary discounts for senior citizens or students.

Remember that the pricing plan which you choose could also affect how much money that you save on your heating oil. Fixed pricing is a good idea if you suspect that a price rise is imminent, whereas if you’re considering filling up off-peak, go for a market price plan.