When Can I Use Red Diesel?

The rules on red diesel largely depend on your automobile and the purpose for which you are using it. The rules on red diesel apply to the following vehicles:

• Tractors and light farming vehicles
• Mowers
• Road structure vehicles
• Construction vehicles e.g. diggers and tippers
• Moveable bulldozers and cranes
• Gritters and vehicles used for clearing snowfall
• Vehicles approved for partial use that are merely used for farming, forestry or gardening purposes

Restrictions on Red Diesel?

Agricultural contractors are permitted to use red diesel providing that they only use it exclusively for farming, forestry or agricultural use with a vehicle that is licensed for this purpose.

Penalty Charges?

If you are found to be using red diesel in an unpermitted manner, for example in an agricultural vehicle in a non-agricultural setting on in a vehicle not listed above, you will be subject to a penalty charge. You may be penalised between £200-£500 and in most cases, your vehicle will also be detained.

Switching Between Red and White Diesel?

It is not possible to carry two tanks in order to switch between red and white diesel. This is because it is illegal to transport two different diesel cisterns, which can both equally be joined to the diesel engine.

Transporting Red Diesel?

In order to transport red diesel from a forecourt, special containers are produced. For transportation of this gas oil, you will need to obtain and use a container, which is ADR, approved and has a UN number moulded onto the container. For transportation between long distances, tankers are required.

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