The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will reduce output to a range of 32-33m barrels per day which is nearly a 1m barrel decrease. OPEC members reached an agreement yesterday on the oil production-limiting deal. This will have a massive impact on the price you pay for your home heating oil!

The US Dollar (USD) also fell against the Norwegian Krone with Norway being a major crude oil producer which will also put the prices up as oil is traded in USD.

Oil price increased by a massive 5.2% when the markets got wind of the reduction of oil output.

These announcements are unfortunate in the coming Winter months and will have a big affect on the price you pay for your home heating oil. We recommend that you order your domestic oil now in order to save yourself from having to pay more in the colder months when you have no other choice. Kerosene still remains the cheapest source of home heating however forecasts have predicted that the price per barrel of oil is set to rise to nearer $60 as opposed to last weeks $48.78 per barrel.

In light of this announcement we would like to announce a 1-week extension on our current voucher scheme meaning you can get £3 off an order of 500-999L (Sept3); £5 off an order of 1000-1999L (Sept5) and £10 off an order of 2000L+.

At we are committed to sourcing you the cheapest deal on your home heating oil. We do this by comparing prices of local suppliers in your area to give you the cheapest price and the best customer service!