When it comes to home heating oil everyone likes to save a bit of money. There are few better feelings than making a decent saving. We decided to put together a list of tips to save money this Winter.

  1. Insulation – Making sure you have adequate insulation in your home and/or improving the insulation can save you up 40% on your energy bill and will mean you won’t have to spend your money on home heating oil quite as often as you do.
  2. Turn your thermostat down! – This had been said in a really old blog (5 years ago!) and it still applies today and it will still apply 5 years from now. If you turn your thermostat down by 1 degree you could save yourself £60 a year! Not to be scoffed at! Especially with the rising prices of home heating oil!
  3. Buy your oil ahead of time – When the demand is low for home heating oil so are the prices. Stock up on your kerosene in the Summer/Early Autumn and you could save yourself a pretty penny. From here on out the prices are only going up unfortunately.
  4. Price comparison websites are also advocated by many money saving bloggers to save you money on your home heating oil. I also hear that www.valueoils.com are one of the best in the business for that. But I might be biased. (I’m not, we are!)
  5. Buy in bulk – Filling your tank will save you money in the long term especially if you buy at the right time!
  6. Be careful how you pay – using direct debit schemes may seem like a good idea at the time. But they can lock you into a contract which limits your ability to shop around and find a cheaper price for your home heating oil.

Here at www.ValueOils.com we put the hard work in so you don’t have to. By comparing prices against our extensive list of suppliers we can get you the cheapest deal on your oil! So what’s stopping you? Check out the Quick Quote section on our website and start saving money!