They say good things come in 3’s don’t they? We’re quite fond of mild weather in the ValueOils office. Why? Well, it’s commonly accepted that warm weather = a lower heating oil price = more savings for you & me. And well that’s great and all but apparently we’re only going to get it over the next 3 days with the temperature reaching a tropical 16 degrees! Annnnnd then going back down to 6 degrees with high winds and rain making it feel even colder! 🙁

So, I guess what I’m saying is that if I were you I’d be ordering my oil now and stocking up for the Summer! Because Winter is coming back for a while before we get into Spring and no one wants to be caught out! We’ve made it so far! But what else can I do to entice you to order your heating oil from ValueOils? Hmm…what about some vouchers!? Only at ValueOils would you get savings on top of savings on your heating oil!

You can save on your Heating Oil this Spring with the following Voucher codes.

FEB3          Minimum Order Quantity 600 Ltrs – Save £3

FEB5          Minimum Order Quantity 1,000 Ltrs – Save £5

FEB10        Minimum Order Quantity 2,000 Ltrs – Save £10

To use the above discount vouchers simply copy and paste the bold voucher code into step 2 of the order process.

The discount value will then automatically be removed from your order total.

Voucher valid until Feb 28th 2017! 🙂

If you have any problems using the voucher, please send an email to or get in contact on 028 9083 4055 in the UK and 01 526 7437

These voucher codes apply in the UK & in Ireland! And are valid for the rest of Feb 2017!