With Easter just around the corner many of us are planning on getting the last batch of kerosene in before the break. For some of us it’s the fill that will do us until September. The home heating oil price for 500L dipped recently to an NI average of £198 down from £206 which is a difference of 1.5ppl.

The price seems to have stabilised recently with no big rises or drops in store, seemingly. However any thing could happen with the newly started Brexit negotiations throwing the markets into a state of stable uncertainty. The exchange rate seems to have settled now but as we all know anything could happen.

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Also with it coming into spring, some of us may be interested in ordering Red Diesel. We supply Red Diesel up and down the UK and R.O.I so not only do you get the very best home heating oil prices you also get our best red diesel price also!

We have done blogs previously to try and give advice on saving you money on your home heating oil and you can check our most popular one out here!

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