We had the first Beast from the East. Then it was followed up with the Pest from the West. Now the Met Office are reporting that we’re going to have yet another bout of snow storms that are still to be given a catchy name. How can you get the most out of your heating oil?

Many of us expected a bit of snow, some of us even welcomed it. Much like with the Star Wars Prequels, none of us really wanted this trilogy.

Following the really bad weather we have recently experienced, we recommend you check how much heating oil you have left in your tank. In preparation of another bout of cold weather we have a few recommendations:

  • Check your tank – You may have used more oil than you usually would. In recent years we have experienced relatively mild Winters and you may not be aware of just how much home heating oil you have used.
  • Consider a boiler service – Your boiler has probably put in a real good shift over these cold months. Having it serviced will make your boiler run more efficiently and we strongly recommend you using an OFTEC registered engineer to get the best possible job done! It deserves it!
  • Bleed your radiators – there may have been an excess of air built up in your radiators, this can cause them to not heat up as quick as they should! We recommend you do it twice a year!
  • Buy in Bulk – Nobody knows what way the price of heating oil is going to go. As of time of writing it has gone down but it seems to have now steadied. Ordering in bulk presents you with an opportunity to make a saving with a better pence per litre rate often being offered on the larger deliveries.

Have a look on our home page now, using our Quick Quote service, and see just how much you could save! Don’t get caught out in the cold!