How does heating oil system work?

Heating oil systems work in similar ways to that of a gas system. You will face the same heating and boiler issues when operating both, the only huge difference between both of these systems is that with an oil heating system you will have to plan further in advance as the oil will need ordered, delivered and stored in your tank to heat your home unlike gas oil systems were it is normally a case of having continuous supply or pay as you go.  With heating oil systems it is best to order well in advance or running out – we’d recommend you order when there are around 6-8 inches left in the tank, this would typically give you a couple of weeks burning although in some other properties, you may need to order even before the oil drops to this level.

How to place you order?

You can place an order for heating oil 24/7 at Alternatively, give our friendly team a call on 02890834055, our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We also offer a live chat facility where we can answer any of your queries.

What to do if you run out?

If you have ran out of oil, contact one of our team and we will find the best delivery option for you. We have emergency delivery options in most areas and will ensure we will do everything we can so you are not left without heating for too long. You may also require a ‘Boiler Bleed’ which occurs when an airlock blocks the oil from reaching the boiler. A plumber or heating engineer will be able to carry out this service for you.

How long to expect to wait on delivery?

Delivery times can vary across the UK, using our quick quote option on our website this will show you all the delivery options available in your area. Please be aware that in Winter months, delivery times can sometimes be extended as oil demand is higher and particularly if there is snow this can cause backlogs as drivers are slowed down completing their deliveries.