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Top Tips If You Are A New Heating Oil User

18th February 2019 by Lyndsay | write a comment

How does heating oil system work? Heating oil systems work in similar ways to that of a gas system. You will face the same heating and boiler issues when operating both, the only huge difference between both of these systems is that with an oil heating system you will have to plan further in advance as the oil will need ordered, delivered and stored in your tank to heat your home unlike gas oil sy… Read more

Heating Oil Price Rise Imminent

6th January 2017 by Anthony | write a comment

We’ve had a few people querying our opinion on whether heating oil price is set to rise. January is generally thought of to be one of the cheaper months to buy oil but unfortunately this isn’t the case for several reasons that we’ll get onto. Truthfully, it’s very hard to predict the price of oil due to the turbulent nature of todays markets, few expected the oil price to dip so suddenly i… Read more

Why Should You Use Heating Oil Price Comparison Sites?

14th November 2016 by Anthony | write a comment

Price comparison sites are becoming the norm, and even price comparison sites for home heating oil are beginning to become more popular. Nobody wants to be paying more than they should. That’s the bottom line. And at the same time nobody wants to go to the hassle of phoning up countless heating oil companies comparing prices to make sure they are not paying more than they should. That’s where … Read more

Will OPEC’s Deal to Cut Production Affect Heating Oil Prices?

2nd November 2016 by Anthony | write a comment

The price of oil has been headline news for the past couple of years. For much of the previous decade, oil remained at around $100 a barrel, often even exceeding this symbolic price level. However, by 2014, prices started to fall drastically due to oversupply, particularly from Saudi Arabia and due to the US shale boom. It reached a low of under $30 a barrel, and successive meetings of the Organis… Read more

I’ve Run Out of Home Heating Oil?! What Should I Do?

10th October 2016 by Anthony | write a comment

This is a cause for panic for most people new to home heating oil. But it’s not the end of the world. You have two main options; you can order a same-day delivery or you can go to your local petrol station and see if they can supply you with a barrel of kerosene. However, getting your home heating oil at a petrol station is much more expensive than ordering from an oil company but may be the bes… Read more

What Size is your Oil Tank?

23rd September 2016 by Anthony | 1 comment

With the colder months approaching and the price of oil going up; we at understand that you want to stock up on as much heating oil as possible in order to save some money! But just how much boilerjuice can your oil tank take? Well, do these look familiar? These are the most commonly used oil tanks however if your tank isn’t here then hit us up on the live chat and we’ll be happy… Read more