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4 posts written by Drew Nesbitt.

Is the Green Deal a Good Deal?

20th March 2012 by Drew | write a comment

The 2011 Energy Act includes the provision for a new ‘Green Deal’ which is intended to reduce the cost of carbon emissions by overhauling the energy efficiency of British homes and Businesses. The ‘Green Deal’ is a financial mechanism intended to eliminate the upfront cost of  energy efficiency measures and instead assures home and business property owners that the cost sh… Read more

Heating Oil Additives – A Brief Overview

28th November 2011 by Drew | write a comment

Many people are unsure about the benefits which heating oil additives such as Eco-Heat can provide. We want to clear up a few misconceptions about what they do and discuss the potential benefits of their regular use. It is important to understand that additive use does not alter the chemical properties of the oil to generate more energy when it is burnt. Refined heating oil such as Kerosene is alr… Read more

Heating Oil Prices – Factors to Consider

14th November 2011 by Drew | write a comment

The wholesale price for domestic heating oil changes every single day. In fact the price of all oil products show change throughout the stock market trading day at regular intervals. World oil prices are always affected by a number of key factors such as currency exchange rates, economic and political events and of course regional supply and demand for oil products. There is little doubt market tr… Read more

5 Tips to save on heating oil this winter

29th September 2011 by Drew | write a comment

Winter is fast approaching and many home heating oil users will need to be prepared for the cold months ahead. Given the current economic situation, many homeowners and tenants are fearful of how they are going to afford the increased cost of heating their homes. In an effort to aid heating oil users we have put together a few tips on how to save a few extra £££’s on your heating oil bills in… Read more