Many people are unsure about the benefits which heating oil additives such as Eco-Heat can provide. We want to clear up a few misconceptions about what they do and discuss the potential benefits of their regular use.

It is important to understand that additive use does not alter the chemical properties of the oil to generate more energy when it is burnt. Refined heating oil such as Kerosene is already an extremely efficient fuel and can provide a good return on investment compared to many of the alternative fuel sources available. This is particularly true with the increasing efficiency of modern condensing boiler systems and the savings which they can provide over traditional oil fired boilers.

The regular use of a heating oil additive can further improve the efficiency of the heat transfer process in a boiler and can also help to save the components in your oil-fired boiler from excess wear and tear. It is also important to note that when oil prices are high, the use of additives can lead to a significant net saving on the amount of oil used, particularly if spread over a 12 month period.

Value+ Eco Heat

Most home heating boilers work by pumping oil through a nozzle or jet to vaporise it. The resulting spray of oil and air mixture is burnt; heat is transferred from the flame to the water via a heat exchanger.

An oil additive, like Eco Heat, acts in a number of different ways which to help and prevent or slow down the degradation of your boiler’s parts. Eco Heat is engineered to provide the following benefits to your heating system:

  • Antioxidant – to keep the oil from degrading when stored in the tank;
  • Lubrication – to prevent the mechanical wear of parts of the boiler;
  • Removal and prevention – of soot and deposits from the burner, which can inhibit heat transfer to the water;
  • Detergents, dispersants and corrosion inhibitors to prevent the build up of rust and sludge in your oil tank and fuel line.

Although oil additives can make your boiler run more efficiently, we do not recommend that you use these heating oil additives to extend the time between boiler servicing and you should always have your boiler serviced as per the manufacturer’s instructions by an OFTEC REGISTERED ENGINEER (usually every 12 months).