Heating Oil News

It’s the same headline year on year. The odds are being trotted out for a White Christmas, newspapers are telling you to batten down the hatches and brace for ‘the coldest Winter on record’. The Met Office have said that it’s going to be ‘fairly cold’ over the next few days with temperatures plunging to between -6C to -8C in rural areas and -3C in towns and cities. The Daily Express are going to have a field day!

But what should you do if it does get that cold?

1. Order Home Heating Oil – This is something you should do in advance/preparation for the cold. Get your heating oil in early, don’t be left with no oil on a freezing cold day and having no choice but to fork out extra for a same-day delivery. With ValueOils, and most oil suppliers, we have a free 5 working day delivery in N.I. and 10 working day delivery in the UK Mainland. Generally, when the weather is mild, you’ll get your oil in 2-3 days but once the freeze hits and everyone orders, you can almost be guaranteed that you’ll be waiting 5 or 10 working days for the oil.

2. Have the heating on timer – something simple but I forgot to do it and I work for a heating company! Having the heating on for 1 hour in the morning before you wake/as you wake up, will change your mornings. You’ll lose the excuse of it being too cold for you to get up, but you’ll gain the excuse of being too cosy to get up! It’s a win-win!

3. Wrap Up Warm – It’s flu season people! Don’t be that guy with the sniffles come Christmas!

4. Reposition the Sofa – move it away from the radiator so when your heating comes on, you get the full effect! May as well get the full benefit from your heating oil!

5. Get on your bike – you’ll keep warm and it’ll improve your immune system so you won’t get the flu! We’re giving a bike away this month in cooperation with one of our partners, GoodBikeGear. All you have to do is order oil or like and share our FB post!

We’re here at all times at ValueOils.com in order to answer whatever queries you may have and point you in the right direction. You can contact us on 028 9083 4055 or by email: customerservice@valueoils.com or by using our live chat service! #HereForYou