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U.K. Set For Cold Snap – Heating Oil News

28th November 2016 by | write a comment

Heating Oil News It’s the same headline year on year. The odds are being trotted out for a White Christmas, newspapers are telling you to batten down the hatches and brace for ‘the coldest Winter on record’. The Met Office have said that it’s going to be ‘fairly cold’ over the next few days with temperatures plunging to between -6C to -8C in rural areas and -3C in towns and cities. The… Read more

Quality Issues Could Threaten UK’s Use of Kerosene as Heating Oil

29th September 2016 by | write a comment

Whereas the majority of the countries on the continent chose gasoil for heating, the UK opted to meet its heating oil needs predominantly with kerosene due to its suitability for use in vaporising burners. Gasoil became Europe’s favourite as it was cheaper than kerosene. Prices of oil-related products are presently at their lowest in years, but concerns over the quality of Britain’s ke… Read more

What size of heating oil tanker does your property require?

12th September 2016 by | write a comment

Do you have trouble finding an oil company that can deliver to your address? Well, just as oil tanks come in all shapes and sizes; so do our heating oil tankers! But this isn’t to win no beauty competition, our tankers are designed to fit and coordinate every nook and cranny on the road to get you your heating oil delivery. Whether you need a baby tanker/mini tanker to negotiate a tight and wind… Read more