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Keep Warm and Well Despite Fluctuating Domestic Oil Prices

2nd December 2015 by Andrew | write a comment

The international oil markets remain volatile, and analysts predict that the uncertainty will persist for many months to come. The underlying reasons for the market fluctuations have been examined at length by the media and business commentators, and the central issue remains weak demand coupled with over-production in many oil-exporting countries. The volatility naturally affects large corporatio… Read more

A New User’s Guide to Heating Oil

16th November 2015 by Andrew | write a comment

When considering methods of heating homes, there is perhaps the temptation to think only in terms of electricity and gas, especially outside of more remote rural areas. There are, however, many clear advantages to be gained from using heating oil, which can be a cost-effective and highly efficient way of heating your home. What Is Heating Oil? It is a product obtained from crude oil by a technical… Read more

How long will my heating oil order last?

12th May 2014 by Andrew | 1 comment

UK heating oil prices have been declining for around the last 18 months. The good news for heating oil users is that the average UK heating oil price has fallen by around £60 on 1,000 litres vs. the same time last year and over £100 vs. 18 months ago. So, if you are thinking of ordering 1,000 litres this summer, you may want to know how long you can expect your heating oil to last.  There are a… Read more

Fuel poverty – What can be done?

14th February 2014 by Andrew | write a comment

Fuel poverty has long been recognised as a problem in society.  It is generally assumed that a home spending more than 10% of its income on heating is in fuel poverty, though the actual definitions have recently changed slightly.  You can read more about official government fuel poverty statistics by clicking here. Causes of Fuel Poverty Fuel poverty has unfortunately become an increasingly comm… Read more

Heating oil prices 2014 – what trends to expect

18th December 2013 by Andrew | 3 comments

Heating Oil Prices 2014 What heating oil price trends can you expect in 2014? monitor heating oil prices on a daily basis and often find that the price will do the opposite of what would normally be expected, with peaks and troughs throughout the year.  We recommend keeping an eye on political unrest around the Middle East and the UK Exchange Rate as well as the weather forecast. We… Read more

Advice: Heating Oil Security

15th November 2013 by Daniel | write a comment

Heating oil theft is a persistent problem. During winter, when fuel tanks generally have more oil stored, incidents of oil theft rise. The number of reported oil thefts will rise and fall according to seasonal changes. However it is important to make sure your heating oil is secure all year round. In this blog I will advise on how to prevent the theft of heating oil and help to make you aware of t… Read more

How to save on your heating oil bills

21st October 2013 by Kelly | write a comment

 As a nation we waste around £11billion of energy every year, meaning for every £3 spent on heating your home £1 is wasted through poor energy efficiency! With winter on its way Value Oils want to help reduce your heating bills, thus saving you money.  Follow our top ten tips on how to not only reduce your heating oil bill but also save money on your electricity bills. Boiler servicing: Many … Read more

Ways to reduce heating bills: Part Three – Boiler Replacement

30th May 2013 by Andrew | write a comment

In this series we have aimed to provide you with some new and useful tips to help you make significant savings on your fuel bill.If you have any hints or tips for others which we have missed out, please leave them in the comments box below. The final part of our tips and advice on reducing heating bills is the most expensive option to consider and focuses on replacing your old boiler with a new an… Read more

Ways to reduce heating bills: Part Two – Eco Heat

17th May 2013 by Andrew | write a comment

Many of our depots across the UK use an additive to treat fuel which can help you save on your heating costs long term. Customers often ask us what the benefits of upgrading their order to Eco Heat are – so please keep reading if you would like to find out (we list many of the benefits on our order process – Step 2a – if Eco Heat is available in your area). The key benefits of upgrad… Read more

Reduce your heating bills: Part One – Boiler Servicing

13th May 2013 by Andrew | 1 comment

With fuel costs remaining high, ensuring your heating system is running at maximum efficiency could see you save £££’s throughout the year. As a general rule of thumb it is advised to have your boiler serviced annually.  This means your boiler will run efficiently and any potential problems can be spotted at an early stage. When we complete a boiler service our OFTEC registered engineers pro… Read more